Your couch wants to dress up for the holidays, too! 

Don't let it be left out of the fun.  Pillow covers are easy to make and compact to store for a beautiful and personal seasonal style update.


This is a two part class: one part painting, one part sewing!  Do one, or both, for a truly original project.  You can choose to stencil plain pillow covers you already have, or you can make pillow covers from scratch.  You can do just the sewing portion of the class if you want to learn to make pillow covers with your own special fabric.

Snowflake reverse-stenciled pillow cover, red bird stenciled pillow cover with decorative stitching.


Tell everyone you made it.

Part One - Fabric Stenciling

Learn how to make fabric stencils out of freezer paper!  Yes, it really does work, and you can make any design of your choosing.

I have several of my own designs available for use.  You may also choose to print out royalty-free silhouette or stencil clipart from online, or bring your own artwork to trace. 

Ever made paper snowflakes?  You can also make reverse stencils by cutting snowflakes from freezer paper, and applying the paint on the outside of the stencil for a different effect.

Want to try it at home?  Check out this post here.

Included supplies:

  • Medium weight cotton muslin and thread
  • Fabric paint & supplies
  • Various stencil designs, freezer paper, and craft knives for cutting stencils.


Wednesday, December 16, 7-9 pm


$40 for a two hour class.  Includes fabric for one pillow, notions, fabric paint, and stenciling supplies.  If you'd like to paint additional fabric, you can bring your own*, or you may purchase additional fabric at the class at $5 per yard. 

If you prefer to bring plain pre-sewn pillow covers or table linens, or bring your own fabric, the class cost is $35.

Part Two - Sewing Pillow Covers

This is a zipperless, envelope back pillow cover that is easy to make, so everyone can join the fun, even if you've never sewn before!

You can bring your own special holiday print fabric, or participate in the stenciling class if you want to make your own fabric. 
*Please note: if bringing your own fabric, it must be pre-washed and dried before bringing to class to ensure it is already shrunk.  To save sewing time in class, it is recommended that you also press your fabric at home.  Refer to the washing directions on the fabric bolt when purchasing fabric.  Cotton fabrics are generally machine washable and dryable.

Please purchase:
One 16" square pillow form. 

You are welcome to make more than one pillow cover*.  However, beginners will probably only finish one pillow cover in a single class session.  If you want to make more, you may return for a follow-up session, or you may use open sew hours to make your own!

*If you make multiple pillow covers, a $5 supply fee will apply.


Thursday, December 17, 7-9 pm.


$40 for a two hour sewing class.  Includes fabric and notions to make one pillow cover. 

If you prefer to bring your own fabric* and matching thread, the cost is $35. 

*If you bring your own fabric - be sure to pre-wash and dry your fabric, according to the directions on the bolt, to ensure shrinkage.  DO NOT use fabric softener.  It will interfere with the paint adhering to the fabric.  Pre-shrinking fabric is especially important for cotton.  If you wash it later, it may end up a different size, and your paint may crack!  I also recommend pressing your fabric before bringing it to class to save time.  Dry-clean only fabrics do not need pre-washing, but I recommend buying medium weight quilting cotton or something similar for your pillows, since it's easy to sew.

Price for Combination Class with both sessions included.

If you want to do both classes, the price is only $70.  That's four hours of fabulous crafting and a most fabulous pillow. 

Holiday special

Come with a friend and both get $10 off a single session, or $15 off the double session!
-Price for two: $60 for a single session ($30 each), or $110 for double session ($55 each)-
-For each additional person coming together, same discount applies-


Classes will be held at my home studio near Isham Park.  Address will be given when registering.



To reserve, please email or call 646-370-3277.  You may also reserve online by using these links.

Fabric Stenciling

Create your own stencil to make a beautiful holiday pillow cover that's all your own.

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Pillow Cover Sewing

Sew up a beautiful pillow cover for your sofa. It wants to get dressed up for the holidays, too! Use the fabric you made in the previous class, choose from a selection of printed holiday fabric, or bring your own. 

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from 75.00

Two days of fun make for a knockout pillow cover that you painted and sewed yourself. 

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