Ribbon Rose Napkin Ring Tutorial

DIY Ribbon Rose Napkin Ring Tutorial

Making a romantic dinner à deux?  Make your table as beautiful as your meal!  You can spiff up your table for pennies with this fun and easy no-sew DIY ribbon rose napkin ring.  All you need is wired ribbon, a pipe cleaner, and some floral tape!

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This ribbon rose napkin ring craft is beautiful and easy to make.  You can use these as ribbon roses, but alternatively, you can keep the stems straight and make a bouquet to display in a vase, they can be coiled around candle jars, lamp stands, or used to your own creative imaginings!  Coiling the stem as shown turns this into a flexible napkin ring, perfect to dress up a table for an anniversary or other romantic dinner, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, or any time you just want a touch of elegant whimsy on your table.

You will need:

  • wired ribbon (1.5" ribbon shown here; if you change the width, you'll also have to change the lengths)
  • pipe cleaner
  • floral tape

Step 1: Cut a 12 inch length of ribbon.  Pull out the wires slightly at both end and bend down to anchor them.  This prevents them from pulling through the ribbon.

Step 2: Twist the ends together.  Roll them until the cut edge of the ribbon gets caught into the wires.

Step 3: Begin with the twisted end, start to coil the ribbon around itself.  Begin the coil tightly, and as you go, start gathering up the bottom edge of the ribbon by sliding it along the bottom wire.  If the gathering does not stay put, you can bend the wire down as you pull it out to prevent the ribbon from sliding back down.  If the ribbon is printed, be sure that the printed side is facing out.

Step 4: When you reach the end of this ribbon length, twist the ends together (one will be much longer.  Stick to twisting in one direction only, as you will be twisting multiple wires together. 

Step 5: Line up the first set of twisted wires with the second set of twisted wires, checking from the top and bottom to see that the bud is neatly arranged the way you want it.  Then twist all four wires together in the same direction as before.

Step 6: Cut a second length of ribbon, 18 inches long.  Begin twisting the two wires at one end together as you did for the first length of ribbon.  Begin gathering the bottom edge again, but this time you will gather more tightly.  Be sure that if there is a printed side it faces up (you will be gathering the opposite edge as before).  This will form the outer petals.  The tighter the gathers, the more open the flower will be.  The ribbon should curl around itself into a circular shape.

Step 7: Checking that the ribbons are all aligned in the correct direction, twist the beginning wires of the second ribbon on to the wires from the center bud. Catch the raw edge of the ribbon into the twist.

Step 8: Coil the second ribbon around the first, keeping wires closely aligned.  It's handy to stick your thumb into the center of the rosebud to keep the whole thing steady.  The wires should lie on top of each other neatly.

Step 9: Check the rose from the top and again from the bottom, adjusting gathers as you wish.  Line up the two wires at the end of the ribbon with the other wires, and twist them all together in the same direction.  Again, try to catch loose edges of the ribbon into the twist to hide them.


Step 10: Take your twisted wires and wrap them around a pipe cleaner to bind them together.  Make sure there's not a gap and that the stem is straight where it meets the rose.

Step 11: Holding the floral tape firmly at the top of the pipe cleaner, begin to wrap it at a downwards angle around the pipe cleaner to cover all the wires.  This is easiest if you hold the tape at a steady angle with firm pressure so it stretches slightly, and twirl the rose stem around so that it wraps itself evenly.  The floral tape should overlap itself slightly so that the pipe cleaner is covered smoothly in one layer of tape.

Step 12: When you reach the bottom, carefully change directions. You'll have to make a slight pleat in the tape and wrap backward up the stem about two inches.  Pull tightly to secure the tape, tear or cut the end, and press it firmly to adhere it to the stem.

Step 13: Coil the stem in a spiral to create a napkin ring.  This can be done before or after adding a napkin. 


Your naprkin ring is finished!


Some elegant napkin folds for your new napkin ring

To tie napkin in fan fold, gently pleat back and forth like an accordion.  Twist about one third of the way from the end and double over on itself.  Tie ring around fold and arrange as desired.

To tie napkin in bow fold, fold across the diagonal to make a triangle, then roll into a long ribbon.  Fold back and forth in a figure eight to create a bow shape, and bind the middle with the napkin ring.

Rachel Blackmon

Rachel Blackmon is an artist, writer, and teacher in New York City.