Beta Tester Level 1 Questionnaire

As a teacher for many years, it gives me ultimate joy when a person finds happiness and confidence in themselves and their ability to create. Please be as detailed as possible in your responses to help me create a great program for you.

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Sewing Level *
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Why do you want to learn to sew? If you could learn to make anything, what would it be? What do you love about sewing?
What intimidates you, frustrates you, or challenges you about learning to sew? Have you ever reached a point where you got stuck? Were you able to get past this?
Have you taken a sewing class before? *
What did the instructor do that was helpful? Were you able to learn easily? Was it fun, inspiring, easy to remember? What else?
Was anything missing? Did you still feel frustrated, unable to understand, overwhelmed, bored, or confused? Was there anything specific that you would have improved if you could tell them what to do?